• Managing Board


    Zlatogor Minchev, Institute of ICT, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria


    Boril Borisov, JTSAC Associate, Institute of ICT, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

    Organizing Secretary:

    Stayka Angelova, Institute of ICT, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

    International Advisory Board

    Area Chair: Future Governance & Policy

    Velizar Shalamanov, Institute of ICT, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

    Area Chair: Future Diplomacy & Fine Art

    HE Sri Astari Rasjid, NASDEM, Indonesia

    Area Chair: Future Economics

    Dimitar Dimitrov, University of National & World Economy, Bulgaria

     Area Chair: Future Media

    Evgeni Krastev, Military TV Channel, Bulgaria

    Area Chair: Digital Arts & Culture

    Pier Luigi Capucci, Noema, Italy

    Area Chair: Future Security Issues

    Galit Ben-Israel, Beit Berl College, Israel

    Area Chair: Future Society & Religion

    Nabiollah Masoumi, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia

    Area Chair: Future Philosophy & Psychology

    Mahmud El Darawish, Popular Movement Against Corruption and for Innovative Economy, Jordan

    Area Chair: Industrial Mathematics & Modelling

    Svetozar Margenov, Institute of ICT, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

    Area Chair: Future Education & Training

    Eddy Linton, New Mexico Military Institute, USA

    Area Chair: Transcending, Alternative & Mixed Realities

    Esteban Clua, Instituto de Computação, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil

    Area Chair: Big Security & Safety

    Vyacheslav Kharchenko, National Aerospace University KhAI, Ukraine

    Area Chair: Digital Forensics

    Igor Franc, e-Sigurnost Association, Serbia

    Area Chair: Future Smart Technologies & AI

    Stiliyan Georgiev, Visteon Corporation, USA


  • The forum aims to facilitate the orchestration of human and smart machines knowledge and experience exchanging for achieving better understanding, handling, sensing and comprehensive securing the future cyber-physical transformed ecosystem of living. Three key phases are implemented for these objectives achievement in a multi-cyclic, dynamic and parallel manner, moving us throughout the levels of comprehension and readiness, towards a successful and resilient digital society fostered transformation:

    (i) Building an expert community and developing a joint research agenda;

    (ii) Consultations and identification of demo cases;

    (iii) Development and testing of innovative solutions.


  • Establish an international community of proven experts and researchers for proactively meeting of new digital society tangible & intangible human-machine transcendence with identification and addressing of future threats, challenges, divides, opportunities, gaps & uncertainties.

  • We build a forum of competence, joining high-level professionals with rising young researchers for sharing ideas, thoughts, concerns, results, events and innovations, while mixing both human & technological evolutionary knowledge, senses and intellect with research, business & policy making experience for better securing the digital future in the new 21st century.

  • Multi-aspect analytical foreseeing of future digital transformation with our Mission & Vision joint cooperative efforts to produce project studies, publications, media campaigns, policy and strategic documents. We seek and provide dual advice with support to scientists, policy makers & business leaders for defining a future digital society research agenda. Our strategy is to build a bridge between scientists and practitioners through regular consultations, engaging also young people, via innovative competitions, simulation games & demonstrations of achievements along with the lines of our Objectives.

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